Joshua Dycus
Director of Design and Development at Dmitriy & Co

I've always been intrigued by how shapes create form. There's an inherent beauty in simple geometric shapes that is both abundant and succinct. The harmony between a perfectly proportioned circle and square drawn on a piece of paper is objectively inarguable, almost scientific. How do you translate that simple harmony into something with volume - that we can touch, walk around, and interact with? There are many answers to this question, and I spend a lot of time considering how 2D shapes would look in three dimensions and vice versa.

I received a BS in Industrial Design from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 2016. As I worked towards my degree, I worked in independent fabrication shops, as a bicycle mechanic, and designed and built a handful of my own products. Before going to school for my Industrial Design degree, I traveled across the US, Europe, and Japan as a touring musician.

After graduating with my degree, I moved to NYC and began working for a high-end residential lighting company called Stickbulb. As a production technician, I assembled and fabricated made-to-order light fixtures. I also led the manufacture of an award-winning light installation, Ambassador, for the 2017 Collective Design Fair. I worked closely with the Creative Director and Lead Designer to refine a design we manufactured in-house using a CNC router.

In 2017, I started working at Dmitriy & Co as a Design Assistant and Furniture Production Coordinator. I've played a vital role in the design and engineering of new collections, even serving as the principal designer for one of the brand's most publicized forms, the Dahlem sofa. Throughout my time at Dmitriy & Co, I have co-designed 20+ products and engineered them for manufacture, and I've received multiple joint design patents within the US, EU, and Canada. In my current role, I lead a team on the design and engineering of all current and future design collections.

Prior work (2014-2016)

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