Tre, a stool

How could graphics bound by two dimensions be translated into something that a person could interact with, walk around, and touch?

I took a few steps back from the traditional design approach; rather than jumping straight into sketching and modeling the object itself, I started by developing a series of artworks that explored depth within a two dimensional context. This allowed my form language to grow organically throughout an exploration of shapes, colors, and graphical compositions.

Rules of Depth:

Linear Perspective, Overlapping, Color and Value, Size, Degree of Contrast, Detail and Texture.

Series of Artworks:

I found that these three stuck out to me the most. I began to notice relationships between the three of them, they each had the language of a story, having a beginning, a middle, and an end. Three different components that all worked together as one.

Form Development:

Final Outcome:

The final design has that language of a story — having a beginning in the form of a seat pan, middle in the form of a foot rest, and an end where it contacts the ground. At each level, new geometries introduce themselves and work together as one to complete Tre, the stool.


Directed by Chris Hardy.
Designed and built by myself in the Fall of 2015.