Branding, entrepreneurship, and fashion

The first studio project of my final year at Georgia Tech as an Industrial Design student was an exercise in branding, 3d modeling, 3d printing, fashion, and finally, entrepreneurship. Aptly dubbed, "Design, print, profit", the project was my first foray into starting my own brand and business (as small as it was). I had an incredibly fun time developing the brand language and composing the art direction.

As the project was a class wide exercise, we ended up with 20+ rings, and thusly, wanted to display them as an exhibit. Along with the development of my own project, I also took on the responsibility of flyering, promoting, and catering the event that would later host 150+ attendees. The displays and exhibit space were designed and constructed by myself and Matt Gregory.

To promote the event I submitted a blog post to Shapeways telling the story of our project:

In the past if a designer wanted to turn an idea of their’s into an actual product to be sold and used on a consumer level, years of development, thousands of dollars, and excessive materials had to be used throughout the process. Now, with the powerful capabilities of 3D printing, a designer can go straight from an idea to an actual product ready for the consumer in the matter of months – with very little money out of their own pocket.

The Design, Print, Profit project begin with drawings on paper — possibly the shortest segment of the process — before moving quickly into 3D modeling. From the 3D models, multiple test prints in plastic (in numbers close to the 40′s) are produced to help develop form and fit. This process ensures that the final result is exactly as the designer had intended; and only takes a fraction of the time that traditional prototyping (making molds, forging by hand, etc.) would take. Once the final form has been decided upon, the file is sent off to Shapeways to be 3D printed and produced in metal; resulting in a beautifully finished product ready for market.